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Education Is a Basic Human Right

Yet those who need education the most – children living in poverty – are the least likely to attend and complete school.

Only 1 in 3 girls who start secondary school will finish their lower secondary education.

66% of teachers self-report that they do not have adequate materials in their classrooms for teaching reading, writing and arithmetic (the 3Rs).

Parents or guardians cannot afford to pay for transport to school, uniforms, and additional school materials such as books.


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Donate right now. Fight back against diseases, ignorance, hunger, injustice and poverty in the fiercest way

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Have an opportunity to learn more about STFF's programs and to help us create sustainable change for the people.

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Your support helps deliver the knowledge and tools needed to tackle poverty's underlying causes.

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Improving Agriculture sector to ensure food security and end poverty in our Community

What We Do

At Save The Future Foundation, we believe that poverty is created when economic and social systems do not keep pace with our changing world. This impacts the quality of life in our communities. The most enduring way to fix the systems that create poverty is to safeguard economic and social rights for all people living in our Community.

Education is futuristic in character, in so far that it ensures that the one who receives good education gets a secure future. Our productivity is increased by acquiring new skills and talents through education.

At the Community level, we can eliminate health disparities, improve quality of life, and improve the availability of healthcare and related services. Health programs can be implemented in varied settings, including rural communities.

In Tanzania 26 million people leave without clean water. About 41 million people do not have proper sanitation facilities and more than 3,000 children under the age of 5 die from diarrhea every year as a result of lack of water and poor sanitation.

We are focused on developing end-to-end data processing workflows to support the full lifecycle of data. This workflow includes field data acquisition, barcoding, database management, and map visualization.

Environment Conservation in Tanzania

Save The Future Foundation is nonprofit organization working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. As a leading non organization, we put every dollar donated to work efficiently and effectively to make the greatest impact possible for conservation. We believe on Saving the Earth, To Save Ourselves

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Save The Future Foundation is a Non-Profit, a Non-Political and Non-Religious Organization. Registered under the Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002. Registration No. 00NGO/R/073.Save The Future Foundation has its offices in Morogoro Municipality, in Tanzania, STFF is a short form of the name: "Save The Future Foundation"