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Agriculture In Tanzania

While Tanzania’s economy has steadily grown over the past decade, over 41 percent of Tanzania’s population lives on less than $1.90 a day. Malnutrition remains high. Over 34 percent of children under age five are stunted and nearly 45 percent of women of reproductive age are anemic. To help Tanzania achieve the second Sustainable Development Goal—to end hunger, promote sustainable agriculture, and achieve food security and improved nutrition—Save The Future Foundation is working closely with the societies to address these challenges.

At the same time, however, farmers and other sector stakeholders face considerable challenges in modernizing the industry to increase yields, exports and value-added processing. Challenges on the Agriculture Industry of Tanzania include lack of agricultural technology, droughts, floods, and agriculture temperature shock. These pose severe challenges to the living standards of most of people involved in the Agriculture Industry in Tanzania and create huge increases in unemployment, hunger, malnutrition and starvation, and diseases rates.


  • Limited access to productive and financial resources, weak infrastructure, and poor policies reduce incentives to develop the agriculture sector.
  • Private-sector investment in agriculture is constrained by limited access to long-term capital, low levels of capacity and business skills, and policies which discourage growth.
  • Climate change poses significant risks of prolonged drought and unpredictable weather, threatening the livelihoods of subsistence farmers.
  • Unchecked population growth and agricultural expansion pose a threat to Tanzania’s natural resources that, when managed effectively, support livelihoods and agriculture.

Our Target to Societies

  • Improvements in agriculture: To make sure agriculture activities are under improved technologies/agriculture practices.
  • Productivity gains: Productivity of Food and Cash Crop to solve Malnutrition and use agriculture as the Business to improve their living standard.
  • Sector-wide gains: At least to have 80% people benefit from Save The Future Foundation agriculture programs.

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