Education for Future Generation

Quality education is necessary not only for future generations but for the continuity and modernity of a country too.

Education is futuristic in character, in so far that it ensures that the one who receives good education gets a secure future. Our productivity is increased by acquiring new skills and talents through education. We find ourselves in the most competitive jobs, courtesy the right training and education. The importance of education is evident by the dizzy heights we achieve in life. Education makes a worthy contribution to our lives, by making us responsible citizens. We get to know our history and culture through education and imbibe those values. Education opens our mind and expands our horizon. It enables us to understand our duties as a citizen and encourages us to follow them. There is no denying the fact that an educated person is a better citizen. Save The Future Foundation Mission is to help young student to obtain required skills and quality education in different ways. STFF hold hands on the following levels to make sure education is archived by the community.

  • Education sponsorship
  • Educational scholarships
  • Essay and poem writing competition for scholars
  • Entrepreneurship and business development skills
  • Support Girl education (mindset, capacity building, dropout, soft skills development)
  • Teacher/training workshops (grade A to Diploma, degree to masters)
  • Supporting and hosting local and international volunteers opportunities
  • Supporting school feeding programs
  • Teaching aid development competition
  • School building and improvement of water facilities
  • School leadership and management training for teachers
  • Supporting learning materials for school children
  • Teacher/training workshops (grade A to Diploma, degree to masters)
  • Supporting learning materials for school children